This Christmas, Meet People and Make Connections

BuddyMe, a social app, has launched in India and Florida. It’s an interesting concept aimed at helping people meet new connections. BuddyMe connects local users and has also partnered with nearby bars and cafes to provide meetup locations for their users. BuddyMe will be globally accessible this December 2023 for users. There are no in-app […]

Dare to Unfollow!

We all know that where the digital world has landed us. It’s a two-edged sword, everything is virtually on our finger tips – food, shopping, entertainment and loneliness. Yes, this has discouraged us longing for real people and we compromise our reach out with spending our precious time over scrolling. BuddyMe understands the essence of […]

The Healing Power of Sad Songs

A recent study has uncovered a surprising connection between listening to sad songs and a 10% reduction in pain levels. We, at BuddyMe, emphasize the importance of being there for your buddies during challenging times and supporting their healing process. Music surely is therapeutic and thus aligned to our cause of helping buddies heal, effectively. […]

Boost Your Café’s Footfall with BuddyMe – The Ultimate Social Experience

Are you a café, restaurant, or bar owner looking to increase footfall and create a unique social experience at your premises? Look no further! BuddyMe, a global Software as a Service platform, is revolutionizing the way people connect and socialize. With BuddyMe, you can transform your place into a hub where like-minded individuals can come […]

Top 5 Hacks to Make a Memorable First Impression

Forming connections – friendships, companionship or relationships depends heavily on the first impression you make. These top five hacks will help you create a lasting impact and lay the foundation for meaningful connections. Be Genuine and Authentic: When meeting someone new, be true to yourself. Don’t try to impress or pretend to be someone you’re […]

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