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We all know that where the digital world has landed us. It’s a two-edged sword, everything is virtually on our finger tips – food, shopping, entertainment and loneliness. Yes, this has discouraged us longing for real people and we compromise our reach out with spending our precious time over scrolling.

BuddyMe understands the essence of real friendship and relationship, where you don’t miss your phone. This awesome mobile app just helps you connect with likeminded people around you and updates you for the nearby events and offers. so that you can enjoy some real moments with real buddies. People are suffering from mobile addiction and the more virtual products keep pulling the new generation where they’re being dragged away from the nostalgic moments. This mobile app is with limited features intentionally to keep it basic so that you can connect with like-minded people around you.

We’re sure, you’d forget the mobile, if you trek with your buddies in the lap of the nature gasping some fresh air, you’d forget your mobile playing UNO, you would forget all your worries, when you just have the funfilled conversations alongwith drinks.

That’s what BuddyMe talks about. Don’t be trending, Be the Timeless. Download the app – Meet People, Make Connections

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