About Us

BuddyMe is a Software as service based platform at the forefront of revolutionizing social interactions. Our platform provides an ultimate social experience, enabling people to connect, socialize, and create meaningful relationships.

By transforming any space into a vibrant social hub, BuddyMe paves the way for like-minded individuals to come together, create new friendships, and make unforgettable memories. We are proud to bring people together and redefine the way they socialize. Our mission is to make the world a more connected place.


As a BuddyMe Location Partner, you can tap into a world of endless possibilities, turning your place into a bustling social hotspot.

We’re committed to enhancing social connections and creating shared experiences that last a lifetime. Welcome to BuddyMe, where every interaction is a step closer to a more connected world.

Alpesh Patel
Founder and Managing Director
Real Connections for Real People! In a world dominated by apps tailored for specific objectives, such as dating, business, or matrimonial purposes, BuddyMe stands apart as a refreshing, non-judgmental platform that fosters friendly and casual connections. With its diverse range of features and regular events with the support of BuddyMe Participating Locations, BuddyMe aims to bring together like-minded individuals nearby you, providing a supportive social network where users can find friends, explore shared interests, engage in business collaborations, embark on adventures, and more. BuddyMe offers a safe and inclusive environment where individuals can express themselves authentically without fear of judgment or prejudice. Whether you’re looking for companionship, professional connections, or simply seeking to expand your social circle, BuddyMe welcomes everyone to connect on their own terms. BuddyMe goes beyond the traditional boundaries of social apps by encouraging users to form genuine friendships. By sharing interests, engaging in conversations, and discovering commonalities, users can find companions who share their passions, hobbies, or goals. This unique approach promotes a sense of belonging and support, making it easier for individuals to combat loneliness and forge lasting connections. I am thankful to our participating locations, wherein some happening Bars and Cafes have joined us to give this experience to our users.

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