BuddyMe, a social app, has launched in India and Florida. It’s an interesting concept aimed at helping people meet new connections. BuddyMe connects local users and has also partnered with nearby bars and cafes to provide meetup locations for their users.

BuddyMe will be globally accessible this December 2023 for users. There are no in-app purchase or membership fees for the users. According to Alpesh Patel, Co-Founder of BuddyMe, "I migrated from my hometown India to USA in 2006, and since then, I have noticed that many of us keep migrating globally in search of better opportunities or education, and they find it difficult to make local connections. They may have 1000+ friends on Facebook and Instagram, but after 5 PM, they often feel alone and sad. They have no one to talk to in person. We decided to take a deeper approach by providing designated places to meet and the interesting part is that you can choose a nearby cafe or bar and view and connect with all the BuddyMe users. You can then go to our partner’s location and meet them in person, one-on-one.

The Founder of BuddyMe, Mr. Deep Khambhayata, further shared, “It’s a Christmas gift to all from the BuddyMe Team for those who are new in town and looking for some awesome buddies. We have launched a quirky campaign called “Unfollow,” where, unlike the majority of dating, social, and community apps, BuddyMe is promoting more real meetups than staying online and virtual. It strives to bring back the old school days when we didn't have mobile phones and enjoyed life more than today. BuddyMe wishes to recreate those nostalgic memories, so the app is just a medium of connection and it encourages personal meetings, ensuring that you unfollow mobile addiction, loneliness, and virtual chats.

BuddyMe isn’t just a SaaS, but it also takes extra efforts to collaborate with branded cafes and bars to make it convenient for users to meet people and make connections. The cafes and bars are equally excited to collaborate with BuddyMe, and they have been scheduling some exciting events and offers for the users.


We all know that where the digital world has landed us. It’s a two-edged sword, everything is virtually on our finger tips - food, shopping, entertainment and loneliness. Yes, this has discouraged us longing for real people and we compromise our reach out with spending our precious time over scrolling.

BuddyMe understands the essence of real friendship and relationship, where you don’t miss your phone. This awesome mobile app just helps you connect with likeminded people around you and updates you for the nearby events and offers. so that you can enjoy some real moments with real buddies. People are suffering from mobile addiction and the more virtual products keep pulling the new generation where they’re being dragged away from the nostalgic moments. This mobile app is with limited features intentionally to keep it basic so that you can connect with like-minded people around you.

We’re sure, you’d forget the mobile, if you trek with your buddies in the lap of the nature gasping some fresh air, you’d forget your mobile playing UNO, you would forget all your worries, when you just have the funfilled conversations alongwith drinks.

That’s what BuddyMe talks about. Don’t be trending, Be the Timeless. Download the app - Meet People, Make Connections

A recent study has uncovered a surprising connection between listening to sad songs and a 10% reduction in pain levels. We, at BuddyMe, emphasize the importance of being there for your buddies during challenging times and supporting their healing process. Music surely is therapeutic and thus aligned to our cause of helping buddies heal, effectively.

According to a ground-breaking study conducted by psychologists and neuroscientists, the impact of music on pain perception has been examined. The study revealed that when individuals listen to sad songs, they experience a notable decrease in pain by approximately 10%. This unexpected finding suggests that sad music possesses a therapeutic quality that can help alleviate both physical and emotional pain.

BuddyMe lays special focus on mental health and thus, recognizes the importance of supporting your buddies during their healing journey. The study's findings underscore the significance of being there for your buddies in times of need and utilizing the power of sad songs to provide solace and comfort.

Sad songs have a unique ability to evoke deep emotions and resonate with individuals during moments of sadness, heartbreak, or challenging life experiences. BuddyMe encourages its users to be empathetic listeners and companions, offering support and understanding when their buddies require it the most.

By fostering an environment where users can connect and form genuine relationships, BuddyMe provides a safe space for individuals to share their feelings and seek solace in the company of others. The platform actively promotes the notion that healing can be facilitated through genuine connections and compassionate support.

BuddyMe is committed to form real connections and hence, encourages users to reach out to their buddies, engage in meaningful conversations, and lend a listening ear. By emphasizing the importance of connection and empathy, BuddyMe aims to create a community where individuals can find solace, support, and healing.

By advocating for the importance of being there for one another and encouraging the use of music as a healing tool, BuddyMe aims to foster a supportive community where individuals can find comfort, understanding, and healing in the company of their buddies.

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